Subject access request

Find out about Subject access requests (SAR) including how to make one and what happens next.

Next steps

The council will respond to your SAR within 30 calendar days of receiving your request. You will receive an acknowledgement email stating the deadline for the council’s response.

If your request is deemed complex or voluminous, the council has the right to extend this deadline by two calendar months. Where this is necessary, you will be informed as soon as possible.

There may be occasions where we may redact (remove) information from documents that we disclose to you.

The reasons for this may be: 

  • The information relates to another person.
  • The information is related to a criminal or fraud investigation.
  • The information may cause you, or another individual emotional distress.
  • The information was supplied in confidence or as part of a confidential reference.
  • The information is used in management forecasts or ongoing restructuring documents.

For further details about Subject Access Request exemptions, please visit the ICO Website

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