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Find information detailing the contractual relationship governed by Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council as a service and its customers.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information included on this website is accurate and up to date, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council is not liable for any inaccuracies or omissions. Neither does Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council accept liability for any loss occasioned by any person relying on it.

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Privacy Statement

We will not pass on any personal information that you have given us to third parties for commercial use.

If sharing information among officers and other agencies will help to improve the service you receive, then we will share information where the legal framework allows it.  However, if you prefer that certain information about you is not shared within the Council, you can request that this does not happen.

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the good practice for the handling of personal data contained within that act.

External websites

On this site, you will find links to other websites which we have provided for your information and convenience.  It does not mean that these organisations can access information about you, which Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council holds.

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council is not responsible for the content of external websites.

The Ordnance Survey map

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council provides Ordnance Survey map data included within this website under licence from the Ordnance Survey to fulfil its public function to act as a planning authority. Persons viewing this mapping should contact Ordnance Survey copyright for advice where they wish to license Ordnance Survey map data for their own use.

Social media terms and conditions

Knowsley Council reserves the right to delete posts or comments from its social media sites without prior warning. This will be done when the council believes the comment or post is in breach of the following terms and conditions:

  • Contributions must be civil and tasteful. They must not be defamatory, libellous, in breach of the Data Protection Act, or contain obscenities or foul language.
  • Contributions must be constructive and polite, not mean-spirited or contributed intending to cause offence or trouble. Users who persistently post comments which are unrelated to the item being commented on may be blocked and their comments deleted.
  • Contributions must not be threatening or abusive towards others. Knowsley Council will not tolerate abuse or intimidation of its officers, and any such posts will result in an account being banned from making further comments, where applicable.
  • Advertising or promotional postings will not be accepted unless with the prior consent of Knowsley Council.
  • In line with local government guidelines, no political campaigning or electioneering will be permitted.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also reserve the right to remove comments which may contain misleading information or which have the potential to damage public health or undermine public health messaging.

The council reserves the right to block users who breach the terms and conditions above without prior notice. In the first instance, this will usually remain in place for one month.  

The council’s decision is final.

To effectively moderate its social media pages, and to act on feedback or queries received online, the council may take screenshots of comments and postings made online. These screenshots may then be shared with colleagues within the council or in partner organisations to obtain an answer or to log the query or comment, or to keep a record of comments which were moderated, and the reasons for this.

Please note that the council does not endorse any private company or individual, which remains the case even when the council is “friends” with or “follows” a profile or account on social media sites.

Online community rules

You are agreeing to use websites/web-based communities moderated by Knowsley MBC per the following community rules:

  • Contributions must be civil and tasteful. They must not be abusive, threatening or intimidating.
  • Contributions must be constructive and polite, not mean-spirited or contributed to cause offence or trouble.
  • Contributions will not be accepted if using it for advertising or promotional purposes, unless with the prior consent of Knowsley Council.

Online Safety

We advise you never to reveal any personal information such as telephone number, home or postal address, email, school details or anything else that would allow you to be personally identified.

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