Education and schools

Learn about the schools available in Knowsley, school admissions, school travel, term and holiday dates, services, attendance, performance, free school meals, our SEND offer, and other resources.

Services List

School admissions

Learn how to apply for school places, sixth form places, manage attendance, and navigate oversubscribed schools.

Financial support

Find out more information about applying for financial support such as travel passes, free school meals, and learning English.

Attendance in schools

Promoting and supporting good attendance at school is essential to learning and achievement. Find out more about how you can best support your child's school attendance here.

Free school meals

Learn how to apply for free school meals in or out of Knowsley, and view the current school lunch menus.

Make a complaint about a school

Find out how to raise a concern or make a complaint about a school, the stages of a formal complaint and what to do if you're not satisfied with the outcome.

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