Council and elections

Councillors and elected representatives, voting and elections, council, committees and meetings, policies, plans and strategies, the Mayor of Knowsley, privacy and data, and details of the Council’s accounts, budgets and spending.

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Voting and elections

The electoral register, register to vote and how to vote, current elections and referendums, councillor vacancies, voting rights for EU citizens, working on elections and canvassing, previous election results and electoral reviews.

Policies, plans and strategies

Knowsley Council is committed to sharing as much information about our programmes and plans as possible. Find out more here.

Public Notices and Orders

The council must, under certain legislation, publish notices for the public's information. These notices relate to Orders that the council wishes to make and usually relate to highways and road traffic matters.

Accounts, budgets and spending

The Council’s annual Statement of Accounts, external audit reports, revenue and capital budgets, members allowances, and other information on Council spending.

LGA Corporate Peer Challenge

The Council has participated in the Local Government Association (LGA) Corporate Peer Challenge. An initial review was undertaken in November 2017, and since then, a re-visit took place in December 2021, along with a further review in September 2022.

Town twinning

Find out about how town twinning began and about our sister city Stadt Moers in Germany.


Give your views on a range of subjects to influence decisions that might affect you, express any concerns or suggest how we can improve our services.

Publication scheme

Knowsley Council is committed to being a transparent, accountable, and open local authority. Our publication scheme provides a comprehensive overview of the information we make available to the public.

The Mayor of Knowsley

Each year, the elected members of the council choose a mayor for the coming year. The Mayor represents Knowsley at public events and ceremonies as well as civic events in other towns, cities and countries.
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