School term dates

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Term dates for Knowsley schools

Knowsley Council sets the term dates for all community primary and special schools in the borough. Each school will also have five staff training days throughout the school year, when the school will be closed to pupils. To check these dates, please visit your child's school website or contact the school directly.

Academies and voluntary aided schools in Knowsley are encouraged to follow the same term date pattern as much as possible, but they are not required to do so. Therefore, the term dates for these schools may differ.

Please note 

It is always best to confirm your child's school term dates with their individual school.

School year 2023/2024

Autumn term 2023 Monday 4 September – Thursday 21 December
Half term Monday 30 October – Friday 3 November
Spring term 2024 Wednesday 3 January – Thursday 28 March
Half term Monday 12 February – Friday 16 February
Summer term 2024 Monday 15 April – Friday 19 July
Half term Monday 27 May – Friday 31 May

School year 2024/2025

Autumn term 2024 Monday 2 September – Friday 20 December
Half term Monday 28 October – Friday 1 November
Spring term 2025 Monday 6 January – Friday 4 April
Half term Monday 17 February – Friday 21 February
Summer term 2025 Tuesday 22 April – Tuesday 22 July
Half term     Monday 26 May – Friday 30 May
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