Children in entertainment

It is important that children are kept safe in our borough, discover more about what licences need to be obtained when employing a child in entertainment.

Chaperones and matrons

It is a legal requirement that school-age children, who are taking part in a public performance, will need to be accompanied by a registered matron or parent.

Regular inspections are undertaken by Knowsley School Attendance Service without prior notice, at venues where children are performing. The purpose of the inspection is to establish that the children in the care of the matron are being properly cared for and supervised.

Matrons must keep their registration certificate in a safe place. They must have their certificate with them each day that they are employed as a Matron, and have it available for inspection.

Please see attachments to below apply to become a matron or chaperone. To apply to us for a chaperone licence you must reside in Knowsley.

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