Children in entertainment

It is important that children are kept safe in our borough, discover more about what licences need to be obtained when employing a child in entertainment.

Exemptions and refusals


  • If the child has not performed in the previous 6 months
  • Is performing under 4 days
  • There is no absence from school
  • No payment is being made to the child except expenses
  • The performance is under arrangements made by an educational school or body of persons application

The licence applicant is also the licence holder. This person is legally responsible for the child and ensuring that all relevant parts of the acts and regulations are followed.


We may refuse to issue a licence if the performance is believed to be detrimental to the health, care or education of the child.  They may acquire additional information from the applicant before a licence is issued and in some cases may include certain provisos or refuse a licence altogether. They may also revoke licences which are currently running if there are concerns about the welfare of the particular child named in the application.

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