Social care needs assessment

If you have a physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to live independently, you may be eligible for social care support. An assessment will be carried out to determine your needs and eligibility. Find out more here.

Before the assessment

Think about what works and what support you already have from friends, family, community groups and the NHS.  You can find out more information about support you can access in your local community here.

Who conducts the assessment

The assessment is carried out by a member of our Adult Social Care Team. They will contact you to arrange the assessment.

Who can attend the assessment

You can have people with you to support you and offer their views. This could be a carer, family member or friend, or anyone else that you trust. 
If you think will find the assessment process difficult and you don’t have anyone to help you we can arrange for someone to attend the assessment to help you get your views across. This person is called an advocate.  Find out more about Care Act Advocates here.

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