Getting around in Knowsley

Whether your preferred mode of transport is walking, cycling, public transport or driving - the borough of Knowsley provides plenty of travel opportunities.

Travelling to work

  • There is lots of help and advice available to support travel to work sustainably. The Cycle to Work Scheme is a national initiative which provides participants with a tax-free incentive on the purchase of a bike and equipment. Ask your employer if they participate in the scheme. It’s really easy to join.
  • Live, work or study in Merseyside? Age 16 or over? Cyclist training and bike maintenance sessions are free, based on the National Standards and help to build confidence and skills. Courses are funded by Liverpool City Region, Merseyside Road Safety Partnership and Bikeability and can be booked as individual bespoke sessions, or you can join a group session near you. Find out more.
  • In Knowsley, MerseyCycle offers reconditioned bikes at low costs. These bikes can be purchased for work or leisure. For more information, visit their website or call 07738114243.
  • Living Streets is a national walking charity that offers advice and resources for workplace walking challenges.
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