Apply for or renew a blue badge

Blue badges are to help people who have a disability or hidden disability to make it easier for them to travel.

The badges are issued to the passenger or driver(organisation) of the vehicle that the qualifying person will be travelling in.

Who qualifies for a Blue Badge? 

There are two ways to qualify for a Blue Badge.

1.           If you are registered blind, terminally ill or already getting some types of disability benefits. Please Check who can automatically qualify  - GOV.UK (
2.           If you have a physical, non visible (hidden) or other disability that makes journeys very difficult you may still qualify but your application may need further assessment. Please check Who else can qualify for a Blue Badge? - GOV.UK (

How much does a Blue Badge cost?

The cost of a blue badge is £10.

Once we have received the required documents and photograph, we will call or e-mail you to request a payment. Please make sure you fill in your preferred contact details on the application.

How to apply

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge - GOV.UK ( Please be aware your application may be delayed or refused if it is not completed correctly.

The Department for Transport also has a video which explains the process

If you are unable to apply online, you can ask another person to apply on your behalf. If this is not possible and you want to talk to someone, please contact customer service via:
Online chat:  
Phone:  0151 489 6000
Email : [email protected].


Lost or stolen Blue Badges

If you have lost your Blue Badge or it has been stolen, you will need to apply for a replacement online. The fee for a replacement Blue Badge is £10. If your Blue Badge is due to expire, or has expired, you should not apply for a replacement. You should instead apply or renew your Blue Badge online as explained above.

How long will my Blue Badge application take?

We aim to review your application within two weeks of submission. Once you have paid the £10 fee and provided all supporting documentation, we will then order your badge. You should receive it in the post within seven to ten working days.

If you are applying to renew your Blue Badge, the earliest we can order your new badge is eight weeks before your current badge expires.  If you need another blue badge assessment before your badge can be renewed, we recommend that you submit the application form up to two months before it expires to allow time for the assessment to be completed.

Rights and responsibilities

The Department for Transport guide for Blue Badge holders explains your responsibilities as a badge holder, including how to display the badge and when you need to use a parking clock.

Free digital photograph service at Knowsley Libraries

Knowsley Libraries now offer a free digital photograph service for Blue Badge applicants who have no access to provide a digital image. 

No appointment is necessary, you just need to bring proof of ID such as a valid driving licence, passport, or current Council Tax/utility bill.
View library locations and opening times
If you need support to complete a Blue Badge application please contact us.

  1. Chat to an Online Advisor – start a chat at Advisors are available Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm with the exception of Wednesday which is 9am until 4pm.
  2. Telephone – call 0151 489 6000. Our Customer Services Team is available Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm with the exception of Wednesday which is 9am until 4pm.
  3. Face to face –please call 0151 489 6000 to discuss arranging an appointment.
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