Public Health

Public Health is about improving the health and wellbeing of all our residents.

Public Health

Public health aims to help residents live healthier and happier lives and focuses on preventing people from getting ill in the first place.  Health is not only about general practice and hospital services; it is influenced by the environment we live in, our housing, our employment and educational attainment, and our access to transport. All of these factors impact our health and well-being throughout our lives. 

Public Health is a statutory responsibility of the Local Authority. Knowsley’s Public Health team ensures that health and well-being are at the heart of everything the Council does. They also work closely with partners across the borough to influence them to do the same. This includes working in partnership with local partner organisations, the community and voluntary sector and businesses.  The team also works with local GPs, dentists and hospitals to help them identify, prioritise, and address health needs. Support is also provided to vulnerable settings and groups to help ensure residents are protected from infectious diseases, incidents and outbreaks. 

Public Health services are commissioned by the Council and delivered by various organisations to provide preventative, treatment and support services and initiatives for residents. 

Public Health recognises that maintaining good health can make considerable positive differences to people throughout their lives.   This includes encouraging self-care and positive lifestyles and promoting and encouraging the uptake of cancer screening programmes and vaccinations. This involves working across a whole range of areas over the course of people’s lives. 

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Start well

Families are encouraged to make healthy choices for themselves and their baby before conception and through pregnancy and birth.

Grow well

Children and young people are encouraged to achieve well in school, build resilience to help them cope with life’s challenges and make a positive, healthy journey into adulthood.

Live well

A good work-life balance is key to our personal health and wellbeing. Local people are supported into good quality jobs and encouraged to make positive lifestyle choices that reduce the risks to their health, such as alcohol and drug use, smoking, obesity, and sexual health issues.

Age well

With the right choices and support, more people will live healthier lives and stay independent for longer. People with long-term illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease have the best possible quality of life and can make choices about their care. 

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