Healthy Knowsley

Making small changes can improve your health immediately and boost your chances of staying healthy as you age. Healthy Knowsley is here to help. It’s never too late or too early to start making changes.

The Healthy Knowsley website provides information on various health and wellbeing issues, such as eating more healthily, becoming more active, cutting down on alcohol, managing stress, and tips to help you sleep better.  

Healthy Knowsley Service

The Healthy Knowsley service offers free, confidential local support to help you improve your health and boost your chances of staying healthy as you age.  The service is delivered by Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust. 

You can get free, confidential local support like one-to-one or group sessions with friendly staff and they can refer you on to more specialist support services if necessary.

You can self-refer to the service by phoning the free phone number 0800 0731 202 or via the Healthy Knowsley website. 

Your GP or other health care professional can also make a referral on your behalf.

This service is available to adults aged over 18 who live in Knowsley or who are registered with a Knowsley GP.

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