Sole occupier discount

You are entitled to a discount of 25% if only one adult lives in your property. Find out more here.

The sole occupier discount can be awarded where there is only one adult over the age of 18 living at the property. This will give a council tax reduction of 25%.

Who is eligible for this discount

There is usually no discount if two or more adults live in your home. However, certain people are classed as 'disregarded'. 

For example grown up children that live with you, if they are aged 18 or over, are in full time education or training, and you are no longer receiving child benefit for. You will need to apply for a student disregard.

If only one adult lives in the property after we have excluded the 'disregarded' people, you will be entitled to a discount of 25%.

You can only get this discount based on your normal living situation. You can not get it if other people usually live with you but are away on a temporary basis. For example, you can not get this discount for the times when the other residents are on holiday or are working away from home.

How to apply

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Cancel Sole Occupier Discount because another adult is now living in your home

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If this person has moved from a Knowsley address to your home, they will also need to notify us of their change of circumstances.     

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