Renew a private hire driver licence

Find out what you need to complete a renewal, how to complete a renewal and what happens after you have submitted your renewal.


A renewal applicant is someone who has been granted a private hire driver's licence by us and whose last licence has not expired by more than one month. If this is the case, then a new driver application will be needed.

Renewal private hire driver's licence applications will not be granted unless the steps in this guide have been followed. The Council has a Fit & Proper Person Policy for renewal applicants. 

If you have new convictions or relevant matters, you should open and read the guidance document before renewing or incurring any expense.

Renewal email

You will be sent a renewal email at least one to three months before your licence expiry date, detailing what type of renewal you need and what documents are required. 

Please check your email junk folder. If you have not had this email, please call 0151 443 2300 for more information.

If your email address has changed, please notify us by completing the change of details online form.

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