You may wish to arrange for a memorial headstone or plaque to be placed on the grave of a loved one or family member laid to rest in a Knowsley cemetery.

Memorial headstones

To install a memorial headstone, you must have permission from the council. You can get  this permission through an approved memorial stone mason, who can also advise you on sizes, wording, and construction. 

The memorial stone mason will also contact the cemetery to make sure that the headstone meets size and health and safety standards.

Some headstones can be installed immediately following burial, but in other cases there may need to be a delay to allow the ground to settle. 

Once positioned, it is the owner's responsibility to care for the headstone and arrange for any upkeep. You may want to consider taking out insurance to cover the cost of any damage.

Memorial plaques

There are two types of memorial plaque available. 

One that can be displayed on the Garden of Remembrance wall and one that can be displayed on a "mushroom" memorial. 

Both types of plaque can be leased for a ten-year period, with the option to renew the lease when it ends. 

There is no further charge for maintenance or upkeep during the period of the lease. Prices vary depending on the type of plaque you choose.

How to apply for a plaque

To apply for a plaque, complete and return an application form to Knowsley Bereavement Services Office. 




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