Requesting a care assessment

Find out more about requesting an assessment to help best support your care needs both formally and informally.

If you need support to look after yourself, there are many options available, both formal and informal.

Informal support can come from family, friends, or neighbours. 

It can also come from local communities, such as lunch clubs for older people, support groups for people with dementia and their families, activities for young adults with learning disabilities or autism, and support for carers.

Formal support can be requested from Knowsley Council.


We will assess your care and support needs to see if you are eligible for support from the council.

Find out more about the social care needs assessment process.

We will also do a financial assessment to see if you are eligible for funding from the council to meet your needs.

Find out more about financial assessment.

Other referrals

If this referral is about an adult at risk of abuse and neglect please complete a safeguarding referral.

If this referral is about a person under 18 please contact Children's Social Care on 0151 443 2600.

More information 

You can use the Live Well Directory to find services and support in your local community. Visit the Live Well website for more information.

Make a referral

To make a referral you can call us on 0151 443 2600 or complete the form below.

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