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We publish a range of accounts and budget information including:

Statement of Accounts

Knowsley MBC's Auditor Appointment Notification 

The council's budget

Annual budget reports

Budget setting reports

In early March each year, the council considers a number of reports which it uses as background information to set its annual budget and Council Tax for the year.  The reports include:

1. Medium-term financial strategy: This report provides the medium-term financial context against which any budget proposals should be considered.  The report also includes the council’s statutory Annual Pay Policy, which sets out the Council’s approach to pay and remuneration.

2. Capital programme: This report presents an update on the council’s planned capital expenditure and the related funding.  The report also provides an update on funding allocations and proposals for new capital schemes.

3. Fees and charges: This report seeks approval for the full range of fees and charges across all council services for the coming year.

4. Revenue budget report: This report provides background information for the council to consider in finalising its revenue budget for the coming year.

5. Council Tax Levy:  This report provides background information for the council to consider in finalising its Council Tax Levy for the coming year.

All the reports can be found on the agendas for the relevant budget setting meeting of the full council (usually held between 1 and 11 March each year).

Annual Governance Statement

Each year the council’s Annual Governance Statement is reported to the Governance and Audit Committee alongside the Council’s Annual Statement of Accounts.  Approved versions of the Annual Governance Statement from previous years can be found on the agenda for the relevant meeting (meeting held in September from 2018 onwards).   
The latest draft Annual Governance Statement is here.

External Audit Reports

The council’s external auditors report to the council’s Governance Committee throughout the year. Their reports can be found on the agenda for the relevant meeting.

View the report presented at the latest Governance and Audit Committee meeting.

Education spending

Members' allowances

Local authorities (members’ allowances) (England) regulations 2003

The above regulations require the council to publish details of the allowances paid to individual elected members in any year.

Senior officer expenses

Government Procurement Card spend

The new code requires that the amount of VAT that is not recoverable should be recorded for each item, where applicable. However, we are not able to identify specifically irrecoverable VAT on an item-by-item basis.

Payment of Invoice Performance

As an Authority we have a requirement to publish Payment Performance data under Regulation 113 of the Public Contracts Regulation 2015 on an annual basis. The council’s performance is set out in the table below:

Financial Year % of valid and undisputed Invoices paid within 30 days Interest (£'s) paid to suppliers due to late payment Interest (£'s), whether or not claimed, liable to be paid to Suppliers
2017/18 98.86% 0 £22,734
2016/17 98.61% 0 £46,942
2015/16 98.71% 0 N/A data required for 2015/16 onwards

Spending over £500

Every month the council publishes a list of all payments made over £500, showing who was paid, how much, and for what.

Spending, for the purposes of these reports includes that on goods, supplies and services, transport, contracts, and grants but excludes payroll, benefits, financing and investment expenditure.

Payments to suppliers, contractors, sole traders, government, councils, and other public bodies will be shown. However, under the Data Protection Act it excludes payments made to staff, and redacts personal information such as the names of private individuals receiving payments e.g. foster care, council tax refunds.

Monthly spending reports

The reports are listed chronologically by month below, and are freely re-usable under the licence:
















If you have a question about a specific payment, please include the reference number of the payment, the supplier, the amount you are querying, and the month of the report in your request.

You can submit the information request by following the Freedom of Information process set out on the following webpage

You will receive a response within 20 working days, although we will not release the information if an exemption applies. If the exemption takes the council longer than 20 days to look at, we will give an estimate of when a decision will be made. 

© Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

This spending data is licensed under the Open Government Licence.
When you use this information under the Open Government Licence, you should include the following attribution: Monthly Spending Report, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, licensed under the Open Government Licence.

Facilities Time Reporting

2022 - 2023

2021 - 2022

2020 - 2021 

2019 - 2020
2018 - 2019

2017 - 2018

Contracts and tenders

The council advertises electronically tenders and quotes for forthcoming contract opportunities for Knowsley.

The council uses Due North’s The Chest for contract opportunities.  Any organisation interested in supplying to Knowsley Council and other councils in the North West can register online to receive email alerts for all opportunities.

Details of the contracts that the council has entered into are recorded electronically in Due North’s contracts register.

Capital reports

These reports details the Capital Programme and phasing of schemes.

Audit of accounts

Pay policy statement

The council has a Pay Policy Statement setting out how it pays and remunerates its employees.

If you have a question about the council’s Pay Policy Statement you should contact:

Head of HR
Knowsley Council
Computer Centre
Westmorland Road
L36 9GL

Telephone: 0151 443 2951
Email: [email protected]

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