Registering a birth

Who To Contact

Knowsley Register Office
High Street, Prescot
L34 3LD
Opening times: 9am - 5pm Mon to Fri

Telephone: 0151 443 2900




Following the Government's new measures introduced to manage the current Coronavirus outbreak, all Birth Registration and Notice of Marriage & Civil Partnership appointments are now deferred until after the pandemic period.

You can still make an application for Child Benefit or Universal Credit prior to the birth being registered.

For further information on how to claim, please visit the Government's website.

You must register your baby within 42 days of the birth. Births should be registered at the local register office for the area where the birth took place.

However, if it is more convenient, you may declare details of the birth at another register office but this means that you will not receive your baby's documents at your appointment.  Details will be forwarded to the relevant office in the area where the birth took place and they will then issue a short birth certificate and post it out to the mother.

If you would like to register a birth at Knowsley Register Office please book an appointment online or contact us to make an appointment.

Who should register the birth?

If you are married, either parent can register the birth. If you are not married, the father’s details can only be entered if both parents are present at the registration appointment.  However, in certain circumstances the father's details can be entered into the register without him being present. Please contact the office for further advice and guidance.

What information does the Registrar need to know?

  • Date and place of birth. In the case of multiple births, the time of birth for each child.
  • Forename and surname of your child.
  • Mother’s full name at the time of child’s birth.
  • Mother’s maiden name if she is or has been married.
  • Mother’s place of birth.
  • Home address at the time of child’s birth.
  • Mother’s occupation (you can enter details of employment before the birth if you wish).
  • Father’s full name at the time of child’s birth (if his details are to be registered).
  • Father’s place of birth.
  • Father’s occupation at the time of child’s birth.

What surname will the baby have?

Your child can take the surname of either parent, or both.  Even if you are not married and the father doesn’t attend the registration, you can still give your child the father’s surname.

Once your child’s name and surname have been registered, it can only be changed in the following circumstances:

  • You apply for re-registration of the birth to have the father’s details included, if they were not included in the first entry.
  • You get married after registering the birth. In this case, you should re-register the birth, even if you gave your child their father’s surname at the original registration.



There is a charge of £11 for a birth certificate at the time of registration.

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