Register a birth

Follow our guide on how to book an appointment to register the birth of your child.

What information is needed

  • When and where the birth occurred. In the case of multiple births, the time of birth for each child.
  • The full name of the child and correct spelling
  • Full names of the parent(s) and correct spelling
  • Mother's maiden name (if applicable)
  • Address of parents
  • Occupation of parents
  • Dates of birth and places of birth of parents
  • If married, date of marriage

What documents you will need

  • The baby’s red book 

Other documents

 It would be helpful to bring along supporting documentation to ensure information recorded in the register is accurate (for example passport, driving licence, utility bill, birth and marriage certificates). 

Don’t worry if any of these documents are not available as the registrar can still complete the birth registration.

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