How to apply

To apply for a Neighbourhood Area designation or a Neighbourhood Forum designation, please complete the forms.

Designation of a Neighbourhood Area

The 'Neighbourhood Area' is the area to which a proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan or Neighbourhood Development Order will relate. Parish or Town Councils, and prospective Neighbourhood Forums must apply to Knowsley Council to designate a Neighbourhood Area.



Designation of a Neighbourhood Forum

Community groups intending to produce Neighbourhood Plans in non-parished areas must apply to Knowsley Council to become a Neighbourhood Forum.  This application should be made after an application to designate a Neighbourhood Area or at the same time, as the Forum cannot be designated first. 

The 2011 Act states that, to be considered acceptable, a Neighbourhood Forum must:

  • Be established for the express purpose of promoting or improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of an area;
  • Include a minimum of 21 individual members, each of whom lives in the Neighbourhood Area concerned, work there, or is an Elected Member; and
  • Have a written constitution.

 Please note that the Council will be unable to approve applications that do not meet these conditions.   


Existing Neighbourhood Areas/Neighbourhood Forums

There is one designated Neighbourhood Area in Knowsley, Halewood Neighbourhood Area

Halewood Neighbourhood Area

There are no further Neighbourhood Areas, and no Neighbourhood Areas, currently designated in Knowsley.

New proposed Neighbourhood Areas/Neighbourhood Forums

There are currently no applications to designate Neighbourhood Areas or Neighbourhood Forums in Knowsley.

Neighbourhood planning guidance

The Council has produced guidance to provide more information and advice in respect of the neighbourhood planning process. 


Detailed guidance on preparing a neighbourhood plan and general advice in respect of the current arrangements for claiming financial support through the Government's three year rolling programme  can be found on the My Community website. 

More resources


To apply for a Neighbourhood Area designation or a Neighbourhood Forum designation, please complete the forms below and return to:



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Knowsley MBC

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