An introduction to planning permission

Planning permission ensures that new buildings and developments fit in with the surrounding area and don't damage the environment. It considers how land and buildings are used, how they look, how they fit in with the landscape, how people get there, and how they affect the environment.

Whether you need planning permission for your project depends on various factors, including the size, location, and nature of the proposed development. It's crucial to check if planning permission is required before commencing any building work.

Resources for planning permission

The National Planning Portal offers a detailed guide on what does and does not require planning permission. If you have any doubts or need formal confirmation, the Council's Planning Department can provide you with a formal decision through a Lawful Development Certificate application.

Building regulation approval

Getting planning permission is a separate matter from complying with building regulations. The Planning Portal website has an interactive home guide which will help you identify if you need building regulation approval, planning permission or both.

Apply for planning permission


You can submit your application online via the Planning Portal.  

Before making your application make sure you have chosen Knowsley as the local authority.


You can download your relevant application form and send it to use via email or post.



Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Municipal Buildings


L36 9UX

Getting advice before you begin your planning application can make it more likely that your application will be successful.

Fees and how to pay

Most applications will require a fee. 

You can find out how much a planning application costs and use a fee calculator on the Planning Portal website.

If you are submitting directly to Knowsley Council payments can be made online through the Knowsley Council payment portal. 

When submitting your application, please make sure to forward a copy of the emailed receipt together with your application documents to

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