Make a planning application

Seeking planning permission in Knowsley? Check if it's required, apply online, and track progress via Public Access.

If you are unsure whether you require planning permission the Planning Portal has a handy guide which covers some of the basics, but we strongly suggest that you apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness before you begin your project.

Pre-application service

If you already know that your development requires planning permission, Knowsley Council offers a comprehensive pre-application service, which we strongly encourage you to use. The Planning team will work with you positively and proactively to help you ensure that your development proposal complies with the relevant planning policies.

The pre-application service will also advise you on the application, which you will be required to submit with your planning application to make sure that it can be validated once it has been received. Alternatively, should you decide that you do not wish to submit a pre-application enquiry, you should still ensure that your application contains all of the information required by the Council’s Local Validation Checklist or your application could be delayed. 

Planning applications can be submitted online via the Planning Portal, or alternatively, you can download the relevant application form and send it to us via email.

Viewing, tracking and commenting on planning applications

Once you have submitted your planning application, you can track its progress through Knowsley's Public Access system. Public Access also allows anyone to view all applications submitted to the council so that they can:

  • Search a list of applications validated or decided each week
  • View and download copies of drawings and documents submitted with applications
  • Submit comments about an application
  • Monitor the progress of an application
  • Check any constraints associated with a site
  • View whether an appeal has been lodged and any appeal decisions
  • View details of historic applications
  • View property details by reference to a map
  • View recent Planning Committee reports and decision notices

People viewing this information may include residents and members of the public if they are planning to oppose a particular application.

Post planning permission

If planning permission has been granted for your development you should make sure that all of the necessary planning conditions have been discharged

We would also encourage you to speak to the Council’s Building Control team, who can provide expert advice on submitting Building Regulation applications.

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