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Support for adults

We know from talking to our residents, that people want to live independently, in their own homes, for as long as possible.

In Adult Social Care, our approach is focused on early intervention and prevention, supporting people to maintain and regain independence through personalised approaches to care which actively promote choice and control.

Our offer is focused on developing and enhancing the services and support that prevent people from having poor health and wellbeing outcomes in the first place including access to leisure activities and to services that can help you stop smoking or improve your diet.

A key priority is developing and enhancing the services and support that help residents to effectively manage their own health and wellbeing issues.  This includes reablement and home care as well as digital and technology enabled care tools.

For our residents who need more enhanced care options to meet complex needs, we will ensure that good quality care and support services are available to support them. These services include nursing care and care to meet complex dementia as well as care tailored to learning disability or autism needs.

Our offer is underpinned by good quality social work practice with a focus on safeguarding the most vulnerable. We will demonstrate careful consideration about the services we buy and how we develop new models of care and ensure good quality leadership across Adult Social Care to make sure it all happens.

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