Allocation of Social Housing

Data on social housing allocation under Property Pool Plus is available here.

To see data regarding the allocation of social housing in Knowsley under the Property Pool Plus Allocation Scheme, which started in 2012, please follow the below links. 

This data is updated each quarter.

What this data includes

  • Numbers of people applying to join the housing register and the subsequent band they are placed in
  • Numbers of adverts and lets in Knowsley (broken down by Registered Provider, property type and band allocated to)
  • Number of appeals received
  • The ethnicity of those on the housing register
  • Average waiting times to be rehoused

Performance updates for Property Pool Plus

  • There were 1,303 new housing applications submitted to the service this quarter which is an 10.7% increase from the previous quarter
  • It takes 16 days on average to verify a housing application as live
  • 80% of new applications are verified with the 28-day target
  • There are 2,816 active applicants on the housing register as of 31 June 2023 which is an 3.11% increase from Q4 in 2022/23

Priority of the Housing Register

Band Percentage
Band A 9%
Band B 37%
Band C 29%
Band D 9%
Band E 16%
Band F 1%

In Quarter 1 (01 April 2023 – 31 June 2023), homelessness accounted for 18% of the overall housing register

There are 262 households on the housing register with a Band A Housing Priority.

  • 22 Health and Welfare (urgent)
  • 64 Statutory homeless
  • 140 Homeless Relief 
  • 0 Regeneration
  • 36 overcrowded (2 or more)

There are 986 households on the housing register with a Band B Housing Priority.

  • 391 Health and welfare (High)
  • 210 Homeless Prevention (priority need)
  • 234 Overcrowded (one bedroom)
  • 2 Disrepair 
  • 148 Under occupation

There are 826 households on the housing register with a Band C Housing Priority.

  • 232 Health and Welfare (Medium) 
  • 91 Homeless (no priority need)
  • 6 Priority Need
  • 497 Living with family and friends

Average waiting time to be rehoused

Band Days
Band A 165 days
Band B 458 days
Band C 445 days
Band D N/A*
Band E 428 days
Band F N/A*

*No households with a Band D or Band F housing priority were rehoused in the quarter so we are unable to provide a 12-month average for these housing bands.

Advertisements and lettings

141 properties were advertised from April to June 2023 via Property Pool Plus which is a 24% decrease from the previous quarter (January to March 2023).

Kirkby had the highest number of properties advertised during the quarter (61 properties).
Stockbridge Village (15) and Halewood (16) had the least number of properties advertised.

Bed Number advertised
1 bed 43
2 bed 60
3 bed 38
4+ bed 0

Over the past 12 months, there have been a total of 529 lets which is a 12% decrease on the preceding 12 months (663).

81 lets were made in Q1 2023/24 which was a 47% decrease in the number of lets in Q4 2022/23.

Percentage of lets made in Q1 2023/24 based on an applicant's housing priority 

Band A 51%
  • 59% of which had a Main Homeless duty
  • 33% of which had a Relief Homeless duty
  • 8% of which were overcrowded
Band B 37%
Band C 11%

The majority of lets (99%) were made to applicants with a Band A, B or C priority.

This ensures that those most in housing need continue to be targeted for rehousing

Band D 0%
Band E 1%

The property let to Band E was a 2-bed flat on the 14th floor in Stockbridge Village. This property was restricted to households with no children aged 12 and under. Applicants shortlisted higher than this household did not meet the age criteria. 

Customer contact

Livv Housing Group reported that they receive an average of 295 telephone calls per week relating to Property Pool Plus, with the average waiting time for a telephone call to be answered being 24 minutes.

Key dates

Saturday 7th October 2023

The scheme closes to new applications for four weeks.

Sunday 22nd October 2023

The scheme closes to property advertisement for two weeks.

Monday 6th November 2023

New Property Pool Plus scheme launches.

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