Help to get online

Why are more of our services moving online?

It is true that more of Knowsley Council's services are moving online - and this is a good thing!

You can still access our services by phone or by using a computer at a Knowsley library to report issues, order items or obtain information.

How can you reach us online?

Online chat

Knowsley Council uses online chat, which means one of our experienced Customer Services advisors can help customers complete their enquiry online. This is becoming more and more popular with our residents.

Online services

We have developed a dedicated Knowsley Council Online Services portal that can do many things including:

  • Applying for a school place
  • Applying for a Blue Badge
  • Paying your Council Tax
  • Applying for benefits
  • Making a planning application
  • Asking for a new bin or for your bin to be repaired
  • Booking a bulky waste collection
  • Booking a Registrar Office appointment (for things like births and weddings)
  • Booking a pest control appointment
  • Reporting many issues including dog waste, fly-tipping, litter, noise problems, road problems and traffic light problems

We are proud of our online chat and online services, it helps free up the Customer Services advisors to help you deal with problems that are more complex or help you every step of the way if you or someone you know is vulnerable.

Why does this benefit you a Knowsley resident and Knowsley Council itself?

The benefits of being online and doing more things online are:

  • Staying connected to family and friends
  • Saving money
  • Learning new skills
  • Registering and using online services, including NHS services
  • Getting quicker responses back

We know that being online and doing things online isn't for everyone - that's why this page has been set up so you can get advice and information about going online, and finding out who to speak to who can help.

Where can you find help?

Knowsley Libraries have PC’s available for you to use, and people who can help you to get online. 

As more and more services move online and the world is becoming more ‘digital’. It is becoming increasingly important that everyone has the right skills to be able to successfully navigate the digital world. The Library Service can help you get online by sharing our digital knowledge to get you started on your digital journey. So, if you are a complete beginner, or need some more advice support then we are here to help in a variety of ways.
Digital Help – Yourlibrary Knowsley
If you would like a Free digital 1-2-1 support session, please click on the link below and fill in the form.
Digital Support Form

Find your local library:
Halewood Library - 0151 443 2086
Huyton Library - 0151 443 3734
Kirkby Library - 0151 443 4289
Prescot Library - 0151 443 5101
Stockbridge Village Library - 0151 443 2501

How can you find out more about learning or improving your online skills?

There are plenty of organisations and places to learn online skills or improve online skills:

How can you stay safe online?

It is just as important to keep your information safe online as you would in normal everyday life.

Knowsley Council has created some helpful advice.

We also recommend the useful Age UK guide to Staying Safe Online.

There is also a helpful website called Get Safe Online.

What do certain words mean when describing actions online?

We know it is annoying and confusing when companies or people describe actions online and use words that seem to make no sense at all!

We recommend reading the Get Safe Online Jargon Buster.

Where can you access the internet in Knowsley?

All libraries in Knowsley have free Wi-Fi and have computers that you can access. Why not join a Knowsley library?

Remember - when you register for a Knowsley Council Online Services account you only need to register once. Your information will then automatically appear each time you log in to your account. You can access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every service all in one place, with one password - easy!

Register and sign into Knowsley Council Online Services

Digital inclusion map

On this map, you can find local services to help you use the internet, access computer equipment, and find digital skills training.


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