Book a full test and apply for a new Private Hire vehicle


Anyone applying for a new vehicle licence will be able to collect their vehicle plate from Stretton Way MOT testing station, following the successful completion of the compliance test.
Collecting your plate from the testing station will only be possible if all the required documents for the vehicle application have been correctly uploaded and verified before the vehicle compliance test begins.
To take advantage of this facility, licensees must also ensure their vehicle passes the compliance test, so it is advised that all vehicles are fully prepared for test.
Please note that the Stretton Way facility is a plate pick up service only. It is not an office to deal with licensing enquiries.


Private hire vehicles

We can legally only issue licences for private hire vehicles if we are completely satisfied that the vehicle is comfortable, safe in design and adequately insured. These legal requirements are set to ensure high standards of safety for the public. If you are unsure if the vehicle is suitable for licensing, please download The Current Vehicle Testing Scheme

Booking a vehicle test

Before applying for a new vehicle licence, you must pass a compliance test at our MOT testing station.
A Taxi Compliance Test can only be booked online here.

The test includes all current DVSA vehicle test items plus some additional licensing compliance requirements.
When you book a test, you will be required to pay the relevant fee by card. You will always be charged for missed appointments. Expenses incurred in submitting a vehicle for test where the vehicle is found unfit, will not be refunded under any circumstances.
You will receive an email confirmation which will include a unique application reference number. Please check your email junk folder .

Completing your application

Once your test is booked and you have received your reference, you should complete the New vehicle online form below immediately.

Apply for a new vehicle

 When completing this form, you must:

  • Upload valid appropriate Private Hire and Reward Insurance for the vehicle.
  • Upload the V5C Vehicle Registration Document (pages 1 and 2) or formal bill of sale
  • Pay the required fee.

Providing further documents after submitting your application
If you need to provide further evidence in support of your application, please submit using the Upload Evidence Facility 

Receiving the new licence and plates

If you have completed your online application form, including all relevant documents, prior to your test as requested in your test booking confirmation email, you will, if your vehicle passes and your uploaded documents have been verified, be able to collect your new plate on the same day from Stretton Way Reception.

If you do not complete your online application before the date of your test, or your documents are not accepted, you will, once your documents have been verified, receive an email confirming the location and times that your plates will be available for collection.

All licence documents will be issued as a pdf via email. Your declared private hire operator, if they accept via email, will also receive a copy of the licence. The licence plates are the only items that will be printed and made available for collection.

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