Private Hire Vehicle (Plate)


Anyone renewing their vehicle licence will be able to collect their vehicle plate from Stretton Way MOT Testing Station following successful completion of the compliance test.
Collecting your plate from the testing station will only be possible if all the required documents for the vehicle application have been correctly uploaded and verified before the vehicle compliance test begins.
To take advantage of this facility, licensees must also ensure their vehicle passes the compliance test, so it is advised that all vehicles are fully prepared for test.
Please note that the Stretton Way facility is a plate pick up service only. It is not a Licensing Office to deal with day to day licensing enquiries.

We can legally only issue licences for vehicles if we are completely satisfied that the vehicle is comfortable, safe in design and adequately insured. These legal requirements are set to ensure high standards of safety for the public. 

To view the required standard please download The Current Vehicle Testing Scheme and list of acceptable vehicles. 

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