Replacement wheelie bins and bin repairs

Find out how to request a new bin, repair a bin, and manage a bin order such as cancelling or returns.

You can request a new bin or bin repair if you have moved into a new or existing property with no bin or if your bin has been damaged, lost or stolen.

  • There is currently no charge for a recycling (grey) or garden (blue bin)
  • A 240 litre General Waste (maroon) bin charge is £34

Deliveries will be completed as soon as possible.

Bin orders

Find out more about our bin charges here.

Extra bins for large families

If your household consists of six or more people, you can apply for a second maroon bin.

Residents are encouraged to request an additional recycling bin. Please note there is a charge for additional maroon bins. 

To request an additional bin, you will need to contact us.

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