Make a Housing Benefit claim

Most people should make a claim for Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit. Only certain groups of people are entitled to Housing Benefit, including people of state pension age.

Who can claim

If you are unemployed or on a low income and live in rented accommodation you could get help paying your rent.

You can receive Housing Benefit to pay all or part of your rent if you:

  • Live in supported housing
  • Are of State Pension age
  • Already receive Housing Benefit and move within the Knowsley Borough 

You must also be entitled to:

  • Income Support
  • Job Seeker’s Allowance (Income based)
  • Employment and Support Allowance (Income related)
  • or have a low income.

If you have over £16,000 in savings you won’t normally qualify for any benefit, unless you qualify for Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit).

If you do not meet the criteria above then you will have to apply for Universal Credit

You can find out if you are entitled by using our benefits calculator, this will only give you an indication of your potential entitlement. You can contact us through our online chat, 0151 443 4042. 

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