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Adult Social Care

If you are looking for a rewarding career that makes a positive difference to people’s daily lives, we’d encourage you to consider a career in Adult Social Care. Adult Social Care offers practical support to enable people to live independently with dignity and choice. We support people in their own homes, care homes and other community settings.  

Central Services

Central Services are the backbone of our operations, providing essential services that the Council couldn’t operate without. 


We play a pivotal role in ensuring that the council can fulfil its duties to the residents of Knowsley by making the best use of our available resources. We set and monitor Council budgets, secure funding while ensuring that we can deliver services that meet the residents’ needs and offer value for money.

Information Technology (IT)

We provide the digital tools that all Council teams need to operate and deliver our services.  This includes providing software and hardware for employees and making sure our data and networks are safe.  We also develop and deploy externally facing IT solutions for resident use, continuously improving them to make sure they keep up with changing needs and meet the requirements of residents. 

Human Resources (HR)

Without our people we couldn’t deliver any of our services.  Our HR experts recruit, pay, train and develop our people.  We help our employees to build their careers, make sure we have a positive working environment and support managers when things go wrong.  We also make sure that how we look after our employees is modern, up to date and meets their needs so that we’re a great employer.  To succeed in HR you need to be inclusive, a good problem solver, creative, good at building relationships, able to use data and aware of political change.  Our work is varied and interesting and our team is friendly and supportive – if you find people fascinating and want a challenging role that impacts every employee in the council this could be the team for you.


Ensuring residents, businesses and staff receive timely and accurate information is a key priority for the Communications service. We manage the Council’s internal and external communication channels including Knowsley News and social media accounts, as well as having an in-house design team. We also are the brand guardian for the Council, ensuring we share a professional and consistent image for the Council. If you’re creative and have an interest in engaging with communities in an innovative way, then Communications could be for you.

Policy and Performance

We work with Senior Leaders to develop and articulate the strategic vision of Knowsley Council. We play an important role in gathering, analysing and interpreting data to provide valuable insights for policy development and performance evaluation, which often involves engaging with residents and business, and understanding the local dynamics.  To make sure the Council is able to meet the future needs of residents and communities, we undertake horizon scanning and develop and implement strategies and, at times, we lobby for support and write bids for additional funding. We play an important role in monitoring and assessing the impact of implemented policies to ensure they align with intended goals, and work with services to help them understand their customers and impact better. We also look across the council to identify ways we can improve how we work, improving processes, introducing new models for how we work and making sure we get the best out of our IT systems. 

Children’s Social Care

Children’s Social Care is a rewarding career that helps many young people in different situations. The teams include:

Child protection / Safeguarding

You would assess and protect children who are at risk of harm or abuse 

Children with Disabilities

You would support children and families with various needs and services

Care Experienced People

You would manage cases of children who are in foster care or adoption 

Young Person’s team

You would help children aged 14 to 25 to learn and live independently


You would prevent and reduce child exploitation by working with children, families, and the community. 

Community Safety

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Join the Safer Communities Service and work with partners to reduce crime and disorder in Knowsley. You will be part of a statutory partnership that follows the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the Community Safety Strategic plan. You will help to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone who lives, works, or visits Knowsley. 

Culture and Events

Culture Knowsley is a small but dynamic team that delivers a range of exciting projects and events across the borough. From the Knowsley Feelgood Festival and Knowsley Flower show to the Borough of Culture legacy events, we celebrate the diversity and creativity of our communities. We also manage the Kirkby Gallery and the Prescot Museum, showcasing local talent and heritage. We work with variety of partners to make culture happen across the borough for all to enjoy. Our aim is to ensure that cultural interventions including events, projects and activities lead to long-term positive outcomes for local communities in terms of wellbeing, skills and education, community cohesion and economic growth.  

Customer Services

Customer Services is at the heart of the Council, connecting with the residents and providing them with various services and support. We cover a range of areas such as the corporate Contact Centre (which handles phone calls and web chat enquiries from the public), Library Services, the Customer Liaison Team and the Register Office where residents register births, deaths and marriages (and we host weddings there too). Customer services also helps residents to access and use digital services and technologies. 


The Council is governed by Elected Members, and because of this, Democratic Services plays an important role.  We work closely with Elected Members to provide the tools and support they need to fulfil their community leadership role and maintain and develop the political management arrangements of the authority. We also co-ordinate important democratic processes, such as meetings, elections, and consultations.  If you want to work closely with local politicians, then a role in Democratic Services could be for you. 

Early Years / Education

We are the Early Years Service, and we provide high quality early years education and childcare for children from 0 to 19 years old. Our childcare provision enables parents to access employment and training opportunities. We also help children and families to improve their health and wellbeing and strive to reduce the gap between the most disadvantaged children and their peers. We want every child to be safe, healthy, resilient and ready to learn. We also work with schools to deliver school improvement, attendance, admissions, special educational needs and safeguarding children. 

Economic Development and Regeneration 

We are responsible for ensuring the long-term sustainability of the borough by growing its economy and population and improving the life chances of its residents. Areas include:

Business growth

We support local businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive and expand, creating more jobs and opportunities for our residents.


We provide residents with specialist housing advice and support.  We support affordable and quality housing for our diverse population, ensuring everyone has a safe and comfortable place to call home. 

Development and infrastructure

We plan and deliver major projects and investments that enhance the physical and social infrastructure of our borough, such as transport, public spaces, culture and leisure. 

Planning and land development

We manage the development and use of land in our borough, balancing the needs of growth, environment and heritage 

Employment and Skills

We guide residents in Knowsley into employment. The Knowsley Works team offers a range of free, job-related services to local people aged 16 and over, such as advice and guidance on CVs, application forms, IT training, confidence-building, personal development, and interview skills courses to name a few. 

We also work alongside partners across the Liverpool City Region to deliver innovative programmes that improve the employability of long-term unemployed residents. We have dedicated Knowsley Works centres based in Huyton, Kirkby and Halewood, and refer clients to specialist support organisations in the local area, such as welfare benefit advice, debt advice, counselling services, women’s groups, and family support groups. 

If you are passionate about helping people achieve their potential, consider a career in the Knowsley Works team and make a difference in your community. 

Legal Services

Are you looking for a rewarding legal career? Legal Services provides a range of support to all Council departments.

The Litigation team 

Provide legal advice and representation including judicial review actions, employment and human resources issues, education matters, licensing, debt recovery and landlord and tenant actions, health and safety at work and environmental health matters to name just a few!

The Community Services teams

Provide legal services for Child Protection, Adult Social Services and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) matters. We work hard to keep children and adults safe by providing legal protection for vulnerable people. 

The Commercial team 

Provide strategic and general legal advice in relation to all commercial matters, including contracts, procurement, grant and funding agreements, and in all planning, highways, conveyancing and property related matters. 

Exchequer Services

We are a vital part of the Council responsible for collecting all the monies due and making almost all payments out of the Council. Most of our functions are statutory and critical to supporting the Council deliver its priorities. Our main role is to maximise all income due to the Council, reconciliation of all income received by the Council and unsure accurate and timely payments to the Council creditors.  We are a varied department and deal with revenues, benefits, hardship and financial inclusion, insurance, accounts payable and counter fraud. 

Asset Management

We are the experts in managing and maintaining the Council’s land and property assets, from operational buildings to neighbourhood shopping parades. We handle all aspects of property transactions, such as sales, purchases, leases, and ownership matters, ensuring the best value and outcomes for the Council. We also oversee the security and accessibility of the Council’s sites, by providing ID access passes and opening and closing of operational building.

Facilities Management 

We are the Facilities Management Service, and we take care of various venues such as schools, libraries, and healthcare facilities. We provide building cleaning and school meals services to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone. We prepare and serve nutritious food to 59 schools in Knowsley, and we keep 62 council owned buildings and three privately owned buildings clean and tidy. 


We want to make Knowsley a great place to live, work and visit. The Highways team is responsible for taking care of our roads and transport systems that are vital for our economy, society, and environment. We also have a legal duty to keep the local highway network in Knowsley safe and smooth. Our team of experts handles everything from flood risk management to winter gritting and road repairs. 

Planning and Building Control 

In Planning and Building Control, we approve and regulate all kinds of building and engineering works in the Knowsley area from house extensions, the replacement of windows and doors through to major employment and housing schemes. We work with local people and businesses to make sure their projects are lawful, safe and sustainable. Join us and be part of our mission to create a better built environment for everyone.

Parks and Green Spaces

In Knowsley, we have some of the best open spaces on Merseyside, from formal parks and gardens to woodlands and natural areas. Many of our sites have won Green Flag awards for their excellence. Our Parks and Green Spaces team have varied roles form supporting volunteers and friends' groups who help us care for our green spaces to developing and implementing the council’s Green Space Strategy and Tree Policy and maintaining the appearance of our public green space and our tree stock.  

Public Health

Our team puts health and wellbeing at the heart of everything the Council does. Public Health in Knowsley focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of local residents by preventing health issues from arising in the first place, protecting people from infectious diseases, incidents and outbreaks, reducing health inequalities and supporting people to maintain good health to help them live longer, healthier and happier lives. 

Waste, recycling and climate 

At Knowsley Council we are committed to tackling the climate emergency and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040. If you share this vision and want to make a difference in your community, you might be interested in working for one of our environmental services. Our Waste Management Service provides waste and recycling collection services to households in Knowsley, following the statutory obligations and the objectives of the Joint Recycling and Waste Management Strategy for Merseyside. Our Environmental Health Team deals with a wide range of issues, such as environmental crime, pollution control, housing disrepair, food safety, health and safety, animal welfare, disease control, water quality, and dog warden services. 

Trading Standards and Licensing 

As a Licensing Officer, you will be part of a dynamic team that regulates various activities and businesses in Knowsley, such as pubs, clubs, taxis, sex shops, weddings, and more. You will either work in the Administration or the Enforcement team, depending on your skills and preferences. 

The Administration team handles all the licensing applications, renewals, and issues, as well as reviews and develops the licensing policies and procedures. The Enforcement team ensures that the licensing laws and conditions are followed and deals with any complaints or breaches. The main goal is to protect the public by making sure that only suitable and safe persons and premises are licensed. You will also work closely with the Trading Standards team and other partners to provide a high-quality service to the residents and businesses of Knowsley. If you are interested in this exciting and rewarding opportunity, please apply now and join us in making Knowsley a better place to live, work, and visit. 

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