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At Knowsley we have 4 key qualities that are embedded in our culture. 

These are: 

  1. Communication  
  2. Accountability  
  3. Integrity  
  4. Respect  

Diverse and inclusive      

We know our communities are diverse, and so should our team be! That's why we welcome people from all walks of life and backgrounds. We believe everyone has something unique to offer, and by working together, we can better understand the needs of our residents and deliver excellent services.

We are aware that employees all come to us with their own unique experiences. This is something we value and welcome.    

Groups within Knowsley Council

We have a variety of groups established by employees for employees, to support inclusion and a sense of belonging. 

  • Disability Workers’ Group
  • Black and Minority Workers’ Group
  • LGBT+ Forum
  • Men’s Mental Health Group
  • Multi-Faith and Belief Workers’ Group
  • Neurodiverse employees support group
  • Women’s Operational Group
  • Carers’ Support group for employees who have caring responsibilities

These groups provide a safe space for employees to discuss what matters to them, whilst also influencing and challenging policy and practices.   

There are plenty of opportunities for employees to learn more about equality, diversity and inclusion, and to get curious about new perspectives and continue to keep up to date with current thinking. 

We're also proud of our achievements in equality, diversity, and inclusion, including:

  • Becoming Disability Confident.
  • Committing to our Declaration of Intent for Race Equality.
  • Working towards achieving Navajo Charter Mark status.

These are just some of the ways we're creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to do their best work.

Supporting you with key life events 

Knowsley Council is committed to ensuring employees enjoy a positive work and life balance and has invested in a range of supportive Family Friendly Policies to help employees with important life events. Such as: These include shared parental leave, flexible and hybrid working, purchasing additional annual leave, carers passports, adoption leave, foster care leave, leave for fertility treatment, special domestic circumstances leave, bereavement leave and access to employee discount and salary sacrifice schemes.

Flexible working options

We offer shared parental leave, flexible and hybrid working arrangements, and the ability to purchase additional annual leave.

Family-friendly policies

We support you with adoption leave, foster care leave, carers passports, and leave for various personal circumstances such as fertility treatment, special domestic circumstances leave, and bereavement leave.

Supporting women in the workplace

Our Menopause Policy and the Women's Operational Group's Menopause Café provide resources and support specifically for women going through this life stage.

24/7 support with Vivup

Need help with anything, from work-related issues to mental health concerns? We have 24/7 access to confidential support through Vivup, available online or by phone.

Growth and development 

The Council is committed to support employees to grow and develop in their role. We offer access to a range of training and development opportunities including online learning, face-to-face training courses, mentoring, job shadowing, apprenticeship qualifications and access to accredited management qualifications. 

Corporate induction 

 The Council runs a bespoke and engaging induction programme that welcomes new team members and supports their transition into the organisation. 

The induction helps employees settle into their role and understand how their role fits into wider organisational priorities. It also provides an opportunity for employees to learn about the Council’s culture and standards as well as key policies and procedures.  

We’re investing in sustainability

Knowsley Council is committed to Net Zero Carbon by 2040. We declared a Climate Emergency at our Council meeting on 29 January 2020 and developed an action plan with the aim of achieving net zero carbon emissions from our estate and services by 2040. This includes reducing carbon emissions from street lighting, energy and water use in Council buildings, sustainable energy generation and embedding carbon reduction and climate action across our plans, policies and services. We’re also working with partner agencies across the Liverpool City Region to reduce carbon emissions throughout the borough. 


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