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Our purpose

At Knowsley Council, we're passionate about making a real difference for the people and businesses in our borough. To do that, we need the best people. 

Our people are our most valuable asset. We offer a supportive and rewarding work environment where you'll be valued and have the chance to develop your skills.

About the Knowsley borough

Knowsley might be smaller than some councils, but we have big ambitions. 

We're proud of the amazing things we've achieved, like the iconic Shakespeare North Playhouse and the ongoing development of Halsnead Garden Village.

Knowsley Council was established in 1974 and services a population of 154,000. The borough is home to Knowsley Business Park which is the second largest business park in the North West with more than 3,700 businesses.

Our residents and communities

We know that many people in our communities need a helping hand, and we're here to support them. We offer a range of services to help individuals and communities overcome challenges and achieve their goals. We know that our services are genuinely making a difference within local communities, and we want you to be part of this.  

Working in Knowsley, you really can make a difference, which makes it a very rewarding place to build your career. 

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