Apply for skip permit

If you are hiring a skip, the skip hire company must follow conditions and regulations and have a skip hire permit in place before delivering it to you. We do not provide skip hire.

If you wish to place a skip on any part of the highway (a highway includes a path, pavement, verge or road) in Knowsley, only Registered Skip Operators can apply for skip permits on behalf of their customers; it is not possible for members of the public to apply for permits themselves.

You don’t need a permit to place a skip on a driveway, private land or garden.

A permit is required to ensure that skips are not causing disruption to traffic, are sited in a safe position and are properly signed, lighted and guarded in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.

If you hire a skip you must confirm with the skip company that a permit has been obtained, otherwise the skip may be removed.

Register as a skip operator

You must register your details with us if you want to operate a skip. You can’t apply for skip permits until you’re a registered skip operator.

You will be required to provide the following information when you apply:

  • Public Liability Insurance details for a minimum of £5,000,000
  • Waste Carrier Licence details.

To register as a skip operator, call 0151 443 3034 or email: [email protected]

Skip hire companies: apply for a skip licence online

Once registered, you can apply online for a skip permit using the application form below.

Applications are normally processed within two days and you should not supply skips without approval from the highway authority. 

Each permit lasts between one and seven days. Only one skip is allowed on a site at a time, except in exceptional circumstances.



Each Permit 1 – 7 days £20 (subject to annual review)

Penalty for no Skip Permit £90 (plus Skip Permit Charge for days on highway, as above)

Skip conditions and regulations (PDF)

* indicates required field:
Section 1: Skip Hire Company Details:
Section 2: Skip Location Details:
Where on the street will the skip be placed?:*

Please note that skip permits are only valid for a maximum of 7 days:
If you answer yes to any of the following statements, you should discuss the issue with an appropriate officer from the highway authority on 0151 443 3034.:
Will the skip be placed on the brow of a hill or in a hidden dip?:*

Will the skip be placed on a bend? :*

Will the skip be placed within 20 metres of a road junction?:*

Will the skip be placed within 25 metres of a signal controlled road junction?:*

Will the skip be placed on a principal road?:*

Will the skip be placed on a street less than 4.5 metres wide?:*

Will the skip be placed in the vicinity of a major public venue?:*

Will the skip be placed on a road where there are double white lines? :*

Will the skip be placed within the controlled area of a pedestrian crossing?:*

Will the skip be placed on yellow zig-zag markings? (e.g. in front of schools, ambulance or fire stations):*

Will the skip be placed where there are parking restrictions?:*

Will the skip be placed in a traffic restricted area?:*

I have read, understood and will abide by the conditions upon which this permit is granted (Guidance & Conditions for Skips located on the Highway):*
I agree to pay Knowsley Council for the current cost of this application:*
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