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Ways to dispose of your rubbish in the correct manner in Knowsley

As a resident or a visitor to Knowsley you are required to dispose of your rubbish in the correct manner. Please see below for different ways of disposing rubbish in Knowsley.

Local waste and recycling centres

There are two waste and recycling centres in Knowsley where you can dispose of a wide range of items. By taking your waste and unwanted goods to these centres, we can dispose of them appropriately and recycle wherever possible.
Your local waste and recycling centres are:

  • Huyton Waste and Recycling Centre, Wilson Road, Huyton, L36 6AD
  • Kirkby Waste and Recycling Centre, Depot Road, Kirkby, L33 7UZ

Please click on the link below for opening times and frequently asked questions
Opening times and additional information.

Collection of bulky items

Alternatively, if you want to dispose of large or heavy items which won’t go into your household waste bin, you can arrange for them to be collected separately.

We offer a bulky waste collection service to collect a large range of bulky items, including furniture, kitchen appliances and items from your garden or yard.

The cost for this service is £22 to have up to five items collected and £44 for between six and 10 items.

To arrange a bulky waste collection, click on the link below for more information
Book a bulky waste collection for large household items

What is fly tipping?

Householders using private contractors to remove household, garden or construction waste must take all reasonable precautions and use due diligence when passing over their waste this is called a Waste Duty of Care.

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste (a single bag or more) and is considered a crime. In addition to being unsightly, fly tipping also causes an increase in rodent activity which can lead to significant health issues. It is also dangerous, damages the environment and costs a huge amount of money to clean up.

Who to report it to? 

Not all fly tipping collections are the responsibility of Knowsley Council, please read the information below before continuing, to ensure you are reporting the issue to the correct organisation.

If you wish to report anybody who is accumulating waste on non-Council land which is causing a nuisance or public health concern, or if you wish to report someone allowing their bins to overflow, or using them incorrectly please contact [email protected] or telephone 0151 443 4712. You will need to provide your name, address, contact details and a description of the complaint including where it is, and how long it has been happening. 

You can also report major incidents of fly tipping e.g. lorries dumping waste to the Environment Agency on 0800 555 111.

If the fly tipping is on a Social Landlord’s property or land such as Livv Housing Group, Riverside Housing or ForHousing you must contact them directly to arrange for the fly tipping to be removed. Their contact details are:

How to report fly tipping to Knowsley Council

If you would like to report fly tipping to Knowsley Council, please click the link below and complete the online form. The details will then be passed to the Streetscene Service who will aim to remove fly tipped items from council owned land within five working days or one working day where the offence causes an obstruction or is considered dangerous. We treat fly tipping very seriously and anyone caught will be prosecuted.

Report fly tipping

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