Action on Climate

Knowsley’s Climate Emergency and Net Zero Target

In January 2020, Knowsley Council declared a Climate Emergency, acknowledging the urgency and severity of the impact posed by Climate Change. A target was set of Net Zero carbon emissions from the Council’s estate and services by 2040, and an additional commitment to working with partnership organisations to reduce emissions within the wider Borough.

You can read about the declaration on Knowsley News.

What is the council doing?

Following the Climate Emergency Declaration, it was recognised that achieving the Council’s target will require radical action in the way that the organisation operates and delivers its services.  A new Climate Emergency Scrutiny Committee was established charged with the oversight and scrutiny of matters related to the development of the action plan aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions from the Council’s estate and services by 2040.

Since declaring a Climate Emergency, the Council has created and actioned several plans to help achieve the Net Carbon Zero 2040 Target.

The Climate Emergency Action Plan – This plan sets out 10 Key Themes where targeted actions to reduce carbon emissions can be undertaken.

Net Zero Delivery Plan 2022-2025 – This plan sets out short term priorities that the council intends to complete by 2025 based off the actions in the Climate Emergency Action Plan.

The Heat Decarbonisation Plan – This plan outlines the decarbonisation options for 19 Council buildings. The Council aims to expands this plan to outline decarbonisation options for all of the Councils Buildings and also create a plan for all of the schools in the borough.

Where do Knowsley Council’s emissions come from?

The council's carbon emissions are made up from five sources:

  • Gas Usage in Council Buildings
  • Electricity Usage in Council Buildings
  • Street Lighting Emissions
  • Emissions from Staff Travel on Council Business
  • Emissions from fleet vehicles usage

The Climate Emergency Action Plan was developed with the emission sources in mind and aims to cut carbon emissions from every source.
Knowsley Council has made significant carbon savings with a 69% reduction in emissions in 2021/22 compared with 2009/10 levels.

What happens next?

The Council remains committed to delivering a Net Carbon Zero 2040 target for the Council Estates and Services but also recognises that working with the community to reduce borough wide emissions is also crucial.

Our work with communities will focus on Net Zero Avoidable Waste and the introduction, support, and expansion of the Circular Economy.

For the most up to date press releases on the actions being taken by the council, please visit Knowsley News.

Environmental Education

As part of our commitment to tackling the Climate Emergency the council has a range of education support and initiatives available for schools, community groups and businesses.

Our Environmental Education officer can provide free training and workshops covering the following areas:
Environmental education and citizenship, Eco-Schools, Green Tree Schools award, behaviour change programmes and waste minimisation programmes.

Further information can be found here: Environmental Education & Sustainability | ASK Knowsley


For further information, contact [email protected]

Our Green space rangers are also able to provide a range of workshops and activities covering bushcraft, biodiversity and habitats – for further information please contact [email protected]

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