Knowsley school term dates

Term dates for Knowsley primary, secondary and special schools from 2018 to 2021.

Knowsley Local Authority has agreed the adoption of a standard school term and holiday pattern with the Greater Merseyside Authorities. 

The principles from which the school term dates are ideally set are:

  • All terms will start on a Monday (except where a bank holiday prevents this, in which case the term will start on a Tuesday)
  • October half term should always be the last full week in October
  • February half term should always be the third week in February
  • Easter Break, known as Spring break, should always be the first two full weeks in April and not move with the Easter holiday
  • Easter may still fall in the Spring Break, but where it doesn’t, it should still be observed by the two bank holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday
  • There should always be a break for one full week in May beginning with the Spring Bank Holiday Monday
  • Where a school is open for part of a week, the school to be open for three or more days to encourage good attendance
  • The five INSET teacher training days to be agreed by each school governing body

Please check your child’s school term dates with your child’s school.

Academic year 2018/19

Autumn term 2018

Monday 3 September - Thursday 20 December

Half term

Monday 22 October - Friday 26 October

Spring term 2019

Monday 7 January - Friday 5 April

Half term

Monday 18 February - Friday 22 February

Summer term 2019

Tuesday 23 April - Wednesday 24 July

Half term

Monday 27 May - Friday 31 May

Academic year 2019/2020

Autumn term 2019

Monday 2 September – Friday 20 December.

Half term

Monday 28 October – Friday 1 November

Spring term 2020

Monday 6 January – Friday 3 April

Half term

Monday 17 February – Friday 21 February

Summer term 2020

Monday 20 April – Monday 20 July

Half term

Monday 25 May – Friday 29 May

Academic year 2020/2021

Autumn term 2020

Wednesday 2 September – Friday 18 December

Half term

Monday 26 October – Friday 30 October

Spring term 2021

Monday 4 January – Monday 29 March

Half term

Monday 15 February – Friday 19 February

Summer term 2021

Monday 12 April – Tuesday 20 July

Half term

Monday 31 May – Friday 4 June