Giving notice of marriage or civil partnership

Who To Contact

Knowsley Register Office
High Street, Prescot
L34 3LD
Opening times: 9am - 5pm Mon to Fri

Telephone: 0151 443 2900




Appointments will be managed in priority order. If you have a ceremony booked on or before 30 September 2021, please contact us on 0151 443 2900 and select option 3. 
An update will be provided on availability for appointments for ceremonies booked for October 2021 onwards as soon as possible.
If your ceremony has been postponed due to the COVID outbreak and fresh notice of marriage or civil partnership are required, the fees will be waived for Knowsley residents. Contact one of the team who will be happy to help.

Please remember to wear a face covering when visiting the Register Office.

If you wish to marry or form a civil partnership you must make an appointment to give notice at the register office in the district where you have lived for the last seven full days prior to giving notice.

If however you are getting married in the Church of England please contact the Vicar of the church for advice on legal requirements for marriages and fees.

Each partner is required to give an individual notice.  If you live in Knowsley you can book an appointment online or by telephoning 0151 443 2900.

What documents do we need to bring to our appointment?

To prove your nationality, age and name, you will need to bring your current passport.

If you do not have a current passport, your full British birth certificate (for nationality and age) along with a proof of name document for example a UK drivers licence (photo). 

If you are bringing your full British birth certificate and you were born in the UK after 1 January 1983, you will also need to provide evidence of the nationality of your parents. 

Please contact us on 0151 443 2900 for further guidance on acceptable documents.

For proof of residence you will need to bring either; a current UK drivers licence or; a bank /building society  statement dated within 1 month of your appointment, council tax bill dated with the last 12 months or utility bill dated within last three months this is for services received at the property but not a mobile phone bill.

What if I have been married or entered into a civil partnership before?

If either of you has been married or in a civil partnership before (in the UK or abroad), you will need to provide evidence that you are free to marry.

  • If you were divorced in England or Wales we need to see a court stamped copy of the decree absolute.
  • If you were divorced abroad we need to see an English translation of the original documents issued by that country. If no documents were issued, we will tell you what we count as acceptable proof of divorce.
  • If you are widowed, we need to see a certified copy of your partner's death certificate.
  • If you have already married each other abroad, you will only need to marry here if you don’t think the marriage is legal.
  • If you are under eighteen, we need to see proof that your parents agree to the marriage. If your parents are divorced, we may need to see the custodial court order. Please speak to the register office for further information.


The fee for each notice is £35 and is payable at the time of giving the notice of marriage or civil partnership.

Fees for your ceremony will vary depending on the venue and day of the week.


What happens after we give notice of marriage or civil partnership?

Your notice will be displayed on the public notice board at the register office for 28 clear days.  A marriage or civil partnership schedule will then be issued by the marriage district. The schedule is valid for 12 months from the date you gave notice (only for the venue you have specified).

Civil Marriage and Civil Partnership – Special Licences

If someone or their partner has a terminal illness it is possible to get a licence to marry or form a civil partnership very quickly without having to give the usual statutory notices. You will need to speak to a Registrar who can provide further information. Please contact the office on 0151 443 2900.  If you call out of office hours please follow the instructions provided on the telephone message.

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