Bin charge FAQs

My bin has been lost/stolen or I have moved into a new property (including new build) and there is no maroon bin. Can I order a replacement and is there a charge?

Yes, but there is a charge for replacement maroon bins as follows:

  • 240 litre wheeled bin - £32

Why have you introduced the charges?

The council spends approximately £70,000 on replacing maroon bins alone.

Due to a significant reduction in central government funding the council can no longer afford to replace bins entirely at its own cost. The charge will help to offset administrative and delivery costs associated with providing a replacement bin, but does not represent the full cost of the bin.

Why should I have to pay when somebody has stolen my bin?

The bin is provided for your use by the council and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is safe. To prevent theft make sure that your bin is taken in as soon as possible after collection and we suggest you apply your house number/name and postcode to the bin.

Will I be charged for a replacement grey or blue bin?

No, grey and blue bins are still provided free of charge to encourage recycling.

Doesn’t the law require you to provide bins free of charge?                               
The law allows the council to specify the type and size of container that residents must present their waste in, and can specify the type of waste to go in the container. The council is also allowed to make a charge to the resident for the provision of the waste receptacle.

Are there any discounts for elderly or disabled residents or those on benefits, or those receiving an assisted collection?

There are no specific discounts for residents in these groups, however,  dispensations for financial hardship can be made at the council’s discretion. Please order your new bin online where you can apply for financial assistance. You will receive an automatic decision at the time of applying

What if I can’t pay. Can I buy my own bin?

Householders can purchase their own bin, but it must be a 140 litre or 240 litre capacity, of the correct colour and be compliant with the BS EN 840 quality standard. If this bin does not meet these criteria it will not be emptied by the council. Unsuitable bins may cause injury to staff and/or damage to the collection vehicle.

My bin is damaged. Will I still have to pay?

If your bin has a cracked shaft or lost lid, hinges or wheels every effort will be made to repair the bin rather than to replace the bin. In the event that a repair cannot be carried out, a replacement bin will be provided free of charge.

Will I be charged if my bin has fallen into the back of the bin lorry?

If your bin is damaged or lost as a result of falling into the back of a waste collection vehicle, this may be replaced free of charge. The Waste Collection Teams record the details of these incidents. Please order your new bin online and select the reason ‘back of wagon’. The service will contact you to confirm if they have been able to verify your bin has gone into the back of the vehicle. If this can’t be verified, then a charge will appy.

What if I want to order a smaller bin?

As part of the council's commitment to waste minimisation, there will be no charge if you are downsizing through exchange from a 360 litre to a 240 litre.

There are six or more people in my household. Will I have to pay for an extra bin?

We would encourage you to consider ordering an extra grey recycling bin which is free, however, if you would like to be considered for an extra maroon bin you will need to speak to a customer service advisor.

How can I pay for a bin?

You can pay by debit or credit card. 

When do I need to pay for a bin?

You will need to pay the charge in full before we deliver your bin.

Can I appeal against the charge?

No, the charge is a standard charge for maroon new/replacement bins.

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