Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and development work

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) enable the council to protect important trees. Find out more about conservation areas, how to apply to carry out works on a tree, and how to report a problem or dangerous tree here.

Report a problem or dangerous tree

If it is suspected that a tree is dangerous, the first action to take is to contact the landowner and inform them of your concerns.
When the council receives a report of a suspected dangerous tree, an assessment is made by the Council Arboriculturist to confirm whether the tree is dangerous or not. If necessary, the council has powers to take action under the Highways Act 1980 or the Local Authority (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1974.
Trees on private land that are not deemed to be dangerous are considered to be a civil matter and the Council will not intervene.


Arboricultural Team 


Emergencies only

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

0151 443 3682 

Out of hours

0151 489 6000 or 443 2400 

The Environmental Sustainability Service is responsible for the management of all trees on council-owned land.

Should you wish to report a problem regarding trees within council ownership, they can be contacted at

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