Register street name or house number

Knowsley Council requires you to register a new street name or house number by submitting a completed application form and supporting plans. Download the relevant forms here.

Our corporate address management procedure

Our corporate address management procedure document below sets out the procedures for the allocation, management and use of all addresses.

You need to register a new road name or postal address if you want to:

  • Build new houses, commercial or industrial premises
  • Convert existing buildings to create new accommodation
  • Rename or renumber an existing building
  • You must register a postal address when you receive building and planning regulation approval.

How to register a new address

Download and complete the street name request form below.


Street naming and numbering

2023/24 charge (VAT not applicable)

Renaming of a new road (per road) £262
Renaming of an existing road - where requested by developers/residents (per road) £262
Alteration of a road name for an unoccupied street  £262
Repositioning of street name on new development  £262
Naming of a dwelling (per property) £118
Renaming of an existing dwelling (per property) £118
Street numbering - including flats, apartments etc. (per plot) £70
Numbering of a new dwelling (per property) £70
Plot numbering of a new development (per plot) £70
Renumbering scheme for occupied dwellings (per plot) £70
Renumbering individual dwellings - including flats (per plot) £70
Addressing of new industrial zone £262
Numbering of industrial units (per unit) £113
Commercial building naming or renaming (per unit) £200
Charges to development layout after initial notification - residential or industrial (per change) £90
Confirmation of postal address for solicitors or conveyancers £56
Plot to postal chart £73

Address approval process

Upon approval, we will inform statutory authorities, emergency services, and Royal Mail, the organization responsible for assigning postcodes, about the new address.

Once a building is assigned an address, owners or occupants must ensure the name or number is clearly visible from the street. Failure to do so or using an unapproved name or number may result in enforcement action.

Accompany your form with plans showing the following:

  • Your development about any existing streets and the means of access
  • A plan of the development clearly marked with the plot numbers
  • An internal layout plan, if appropriate (for example, for a block of apartments). The main entrance to the block should be clearly marked.

Send your form to


Planning and Building Control

Knowsley MBC

PO Box 26

Archway Road


L36 9FB


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