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Knowsley Council's Public Access system allows members of the public to search for and view past and present Planning Applications and their decisions. Start a search here.

About public access

Public access allows anyone to view all applications submitted to the council so that they can:

  • Search a list of applications validated or decided each week
  • View and download copies of drawings and documents submitted with applications
  • Submit comments about an application
  • Monitor the progress of an application
  • Check any constraints associated with a site
  • View whether an appeal has been lodged and any appeal decisions
  • View details of historic applications
  • View property details by reference to a map
  • View recent Planning Committee reports and decision notices

Please ensure that you have read the information below regarding your usage of the Public Access system before starting a search.

The council is currently developing a Statement of Community Involvement outlining how it will engage and consult with the community on planning policies and applications. This comprehensive document will detail who will be involved in the consultation process, the methods of engagement, and the timelines for each stage.

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Accessing planning documents

Documents and plans submitted with planning applications after January 1, 2007, can be viewed under the "Associated Documents" tab on the planning portal. These documents will be available within five working days of application validation. Decision notices will be available to view within three days of applications being determined.

Physical copies of all drawings and associated documents are also available for viewing at the Huyton Library, Civic Way, Knowsley, L36 9GD. To schedule an appointment, call 0151 443 2381. Please note that walk-in appointments are not permitted.

Data accuracy

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data, some of the planning information contained within the site is incomplete or outdated, dating back to before January 1, 2007. This information should not be used as a substitute for a formal Land Charge Search, which is necessary to obtain complete and up-to-date details about historic applications and constraints on a particular site. The Council assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the planning information obtained from Public Access.

Additionally, the information contained on the site does not constitute a formal notification of a planning decision. Any actions taken based on the information displayed on the site are undertaken entirely at the viewer's own risk.

Copyright notice

Planning application information submitted to the Council is protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, 1988 Act). Downloaded or printed materials should be used solely for consultation purposes, such as comparing current applications with previous schemes or verifying whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copying or distribution of this material is strictly prohibited without the prior permission of the copyright owner.


Printed copies and uncontrolled electronic copies of any documents may not reflect the latest revisions.

Site Accessibility


  • The Public Access system is compatible with Internet Explorer (versions up to IE10) and all versions of Chrome and Firefox.
  • Pop-up Blockers: If you have pop-up block software enabled, it may interfere with the Public Access system. Consult your software's documentation to enable the above address.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on our Public Access system. 

Please share your feedback on how easy it is to use and any additional information you'd like to see. Your suggestions for future development are valuable to us.

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