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Volunteering is all about giving the gift of your time, expertise and skills to help an individual or organisation, and your local area. Volunteering will not only will bring benefits to those you help but it can also bring benefits to you, too. You will meet new people and build new skills and in the process, you might be able to expand your own confidence and wellbeing and even feel more connected to your local community.

If you have time to spare, no matter how small, then why not considering a volunteering opportunity in Knowsley?

One Knowsley Volunteering Platform

One Knowsley is the accredited volunteer centre in Knowsley and promotes a range of volunteering opportunities, everything from helping out at your local Cub or Scout group to becoming a Digital Champion or supporting charitable fund raisers. There are lots of opportunities to suit your skills, your lifestyle and the time you may have available to share.

Search for volunteering opportunities

You can search for volunteering opportunities online and sign up for updates via email, text and app messages.

If you are part of a group or organisation looking to recruit volunteers you can also sign up to share your opportunities on this platform.

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