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How to get involved in Knowsley

Organisations and individuals in Knowsley have been working together more than ever before to make a difference to the place they call home. The Council, Police, housing partners, health services and more are all working collaboratively in the Borough to improve outcomes and experiences.  And – in the spirit of Knowsley Better Together – there are opportunities for residents to play their part too. From small changes in your daily life to dedicating your time or expertise to help out a good cause – the options are endless.

There are so many examples of people, families and groups making a difference in their local area. From checking in on your elderly neighbour to organising a litter pick, donating unwanted items to a local charity to offering your time to support your local Foodbank.

You are already probably doing more than you think to support your local community but there are always opportunities to get more involved.

And remember – by working together, we can achieve more for Knowsley.

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