Application advice

Here you'll find some tips for when applying with Knowsley Apprentice.

Research the employer 

Before you apply, delve into the employer offering the job. Understand their operations and the job's specifics.

Show your understanding

In your application, demonstrate your grasp of their business. 

For instance: "I aspire to develop building maintenance skills, inspired by your success in securing a significant housing association contract."

Review the job description 

Always read the job description before you start completing the application form. Ensure that the information you provide aligns with the job requirements.

Seek application support 

For application form assistance, email with 'Application Support' in the subject line.

Follow instructions 

Before filling in your form, carefully read the instructions.

Take your time 

Avoid rushing; take your time to prevent mistakes.

Draft your application 

Prepare a draft of the application form before transferring the information. For handwritten forms, avoid errors on the original.

Neat and error-free 

Ensure neat, error-free writing, and check your spelling.

Complete all sections 

Answer all questions and fill all boxes/spaces.

Address employment gaps 

Explain any gaps in your employment history. If you've never had a job, include examples like voluntary work or involvement with clubs or organisations.

Sell Your skills 

Promote your skills, including those developed outside work, like hobbies and interests.

Keep a copy 

Before submitting, make a copy for future reference if you're invited for an interview.

Seek feedback 

Ask a friend or relative to review your application form before submission.

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