Apply for supported housing

Depending on your situation, you can apply for supported housing that is adapted according to your needs or provides extra care to help your day-to-day living. Find out more here.

Knowsley offers a variety of supported housing options to meet the needs of individuals with varying support requirements.

Sheltered accommodation

Sheltered accommodation is designed for older adults who want to live independently in a secure environment with access to support services. Key benefits include:

  • Regular warden service for daily check-ins, advice, and emergency assistance
  • Intercom system for easy communication with the warden
  • Laundry facilities and home help services in some properties

To apply for sheltered accommodation, contact your local housing association or a registered social landlord.

Extra Care Housing

Extra care housing provides a lifelong home for older adults and individuals with specific accessibility needs, such as those requiring support packages. Features include:

  • Accessible showers and other adaptations to suit individual needs
  • Round-the-clock support from qualified staff
  • A range of communal facilities and activities

Find out more about Extra Care housing

Nursing homes

Nursing homes offer specialised care for individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities requiring regular nursing attention. Care costs may be covered by the NHS depending on individual circumstances. For self-funded care, you can choose any nursing home that accepts you.

Housing for individuals with mental health or learning disabilities

Tailored accommodation and ongoing support services are available for individuals with mental health concerns or learning disabilities. 

Housing for individuals with physical disabilities

Accessible housing options are available to enhance the lives of individuals with physical limitations, such as visual impairments or wheelchair use. To apply, join the waiting list of a housing association.

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