Apply for social housing

Social housing can provide you with more affordable housing if you are on a lower income. It’s normally provided by your local council or social housing landlords. Find out more here.

Anyone can apply for social housing, but eligibility criteria apply. To determine your eligibility and the type of accommodation you may qualify for, contact the Knowsley Housing Solutions Service. 

Be prepared for extended waiting times due to high demand.

If you seek immediate housing, consider exploring private rental options within Knowsley.

How to apply

Social housing in Knowsley is managed by the following Registered Social Landlords, also known as housing associations:

You can apply for social housing directly with any of these Registered Social Landlords.

Property Pool Plus

Knowsley is part of Property Pool Plus, which is a choice-based lettings service in Merseyside that helps people find affordable housing.

Find out more and contact us about Property Pool Plus here.

Transferring to a different home

If you are already a registered social landlord tenant, you may be able to transfer to a different home with the same landlord, depending upon your circumstances.

You should call your landlord to discuss your options, or we may be able to speak to your landlord on your behalf.

Housing difficulties

If you are having housing difficulty, the most important thing is to get advice as soon as possible.

If you think you are or may be at risk of becoming homeless, please you can contact the Housing Solutions Service.

Contact Knowsley Housing Solutions Service

Telephone: 0151 443 2333

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