Warm Homes Scheme

Owner Occupiers who are aged 60 and over in Knowsley can access help with replacement boilers and electrical works. Find out more about who is eligible and how to apply here.

The Warm Homes Scheme provides financial assistance to eligible owner-occupiers in Knowsley, aged 60 or over, for replacing boilers and upgrading electrical systems. This scheme, funded by Knowsley Council's Strategic Housing Team, aims to improve the well-being and comfort of vulnerable households.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for this scheme, you must be an owner-occupier residing in Knowsley and meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged 60 or over
  • Receive one or more of the following benefits:
    • Guaranteed Pension Credit
    • Employment Support Allowance
    • Universal Credit
    • Council Tax Reduction
  • Have a household income of less than £31,000

Please provide up-to-date evidence to verify your income eligibility.

Available services

The Warm Homes Scheme covers the following services:

  • Replacement of boilers
  • Installation of complete central heating systems
  • Full electrical rewiring
  • Partial electrical works

All services are provided by Knowsley Council's approved contractor.

Important note

Housing Assistance Grants provided under this scheme are subject to terms and conditions, including a 20-year land charge. The grant becomes repayable if the grant conditions are breached.

If you are an eligible homeowner seeking assistance with boiler replacement or electrical upgrades, contact Knowsley Council's Strategic Housing Team for further information and application procedures.



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