Getting the best energy deal

Here are some top tips to ensure you are getting the best energy deal for your property.

Pick the cheapest payment methods

In most cases, direct debit is the cheapest way to pay and could save you up to £100 per year on your energy bills.

Your own supplier may also have a cheaper tariff they could offer you, this could include dual fuel offers, meaning you combine your gas and electric with one supplier.

It is always best to contact your own supplier first to see what they could offer you before switching with another supplier.

Shop around for the cheapest deal

If you do decide to change energy suppliers, you may be able to save up to £200 on your annual energy consumption by shopping around for the best energy deals.

Ofgem, the energy regulator, has accredited certain independent price comparison services that have signed up to a 'Confidence Code'. You can view the list on the Ofgem website.

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