Trees and Arboriculture

Knowsley council look after and are responsible for trees on public land, find out how to contact us if a tree needs to be maintained or is causing an obstruction.

The council's tree officers inspect and maintain trees on public land in Knowsley, including parks, woodlands, highways, and cemeteries. 

They aim to ensure that the trees are healthy and contribute to a pleasant and healthy environment.

If you have a problem with a tree on public land, you can contact the council by email. 

However, there are some issues that the council cannot help with, such as:

  • Trees that are causing problems with TV reception or solar panels
  • Trees that are blocking light
  • Sap falling onto cars or property
  • Trees that are touching or damaging overhead wires
  • Tree roots that are making a pavement or road surface uneven*
  • Overhanging trees, unless they are touching a property or are dangerous

Please note that the council receives a large volume of enquiries and will deal with them in order of priority and urgency.

Dangerous trees

If you suspect that a tree on public land is dangerous, please contact the council immediately. The council's tree officers will assess the tree and take action if necessary.

If a tree on private land is dangerous, the landowner is responsible for taking action. Find out more information in the download below. 

Who to contact

Arboriculture Team


0151 443 2400

Operating hours

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


0800 023 2334


* For tree roots making a pavement or road surface uneven please contact

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