Approval of food businesses

Most food businesses require registration, however some need approval to supply products of animal origin to other businesses. To apply for approval, follow the council's guidelines and submit the required documentation.

Most food businesses must register with their local council. Once registered, businesses can legally operate and will be subject to food safety inspections. Some businesses require approval from the council before they can start trading.

Businesses that need approval

Approval is only necessary for businesses that supply other businesses with products of animal origin. This includes

  • Manufacturers of meat products or meat preparations
  • Fish processors and manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of dairy products
  • Egg packers and egg product manufacturers
  • Processors of frogs legs and snails
  • Processors of rendered animal fats and greaves
  • Manufacturers of treated stomachs, bladders, and intestines
  • Processors of gelatine and collagen
  • Certain cold stores and wholesale markets that handle products of animal origin


Some shops and restaurants that sell products of animal origin to other businesses may not need approval if they:

  • Only supply businesses in the local area
  • Sell products of animal origin that account for a small proportion of their turnover

How to apply for approval

To apply for approval, you must complete the appropriate form and return it to the address on this page. You must also include the following documents.

  • A detailed scale plan of your establishment
  • A description of your food safety management system
  • A description of your establishment and equipment maintenance arrangements
  • A description of your cleaning arrangements
  • A description of your waste collection and disposal arrangements
  • A description of your water supply
  • A description of your water supply quality testing arrangements
  • A description of your arrangements for product testing
  • A description of your pest control arrangements
  • A description of your monitoring arrangements for staff health
  • A description of your staff hygiene training arrangements
  • A description of your arrangements for record keeping
  • A description of your arrangements for applying the identification mark to product packaging or wrapping

What happens after you apply

If you submit a valid application for approval, an officer will arrange to carry out an inspection. If the officer is satisfied that you are likely to comply with the requirements of food safety law, you will be granted conditional approval and assigned a unique approval number. 

A further inspection will be carried out before the council decides whether to grant you full approval.

What happens if you are not granted approval 

You have the right of appeal to a magistrates' court against a decision to grant conditional or full approval.

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